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Fantasy Football Tips and Strategies After a Wild Week 1

Congratulations for making it through Week 1 of the 2022 fantasy football season! Whether

you’re 1-0, 0-1, or went the Texans vs. Colts route and earned the 0-0-1 honor, it’s time to

regroup. Below are some important tips and strategies on how to set your team up for success over the next few weeks.

It was a very wild and chaotic Week 1. Do not panic-drop any players.

There were a lot of mid-round players who disappointed in Week 1 for a variety reasons. From Dameon Pierce’s touches being taken by Rex Burkhead to Mike Williams laying an egg with a generational QB talent, it’s easy to be frustrated and doubt your process. Have faith in it and your players.

Take advantage of your league mates who didn’t read the first topic.

Every year there are fantasy owners who pull the plug a little too early on guys who got a lot of snaps in Week 1 but not as many touches or targets. If you can flip the 14th- or 15th-round lottery ticket for a player you may have wanted in the middle rounds of your fantasy draft just a couple of weeks ago, take the free value and give it a couple weeks.

Targets and carries are vital, but snap percentages are very important too.

There are a lot of different fantasy data sites that have snap counts and snap percentages played. If you’re wondering how much FAAB to spend or whether to use your waiver priority on specific players, make sure to give the snap counts a look. The more a player is on the field, the more opportunities he’ll have to get you points.

See if you have a bench player or two who had a big week … to keep or for trade bait.

The Week 1 trade offers are flying, and they are usually incredibly one-sided. They also feature a player or two who had a surprise Week 1 performance despite low expectations. If you’re one of the fortunate ones who hit on a late-round lotto ticket and have a lot of depth on the roster, see what you can find on the trade block to shore up a position group you think is weak.

Read the injury reports!

First of all, your league absolutely should have an IR spot or two. But if your league is one of

the few that doesn’t, be on the lookout for early-to-mid round players like Elijah Mitchell or

Dak Prescott who will be prematurely dropped. Take the extra minute or two to read the ESPN, Sleeper and Yahoo Fantasy updates to better understand injury timelines and evaluate if you can afford to stash an injured player who could become someone who helps you push for a playoff spot.

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