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NFL Power Rankings ... and Sour Rankings Through Week 10

You've seen NFL power rankings before, but here at gatosclub we're also interested in the bottom of the barrel. As far as power rankings go, we're looking at what teams have done on the field, with a bit of an eye toward the future. We're also going to include our Sour Rankings, though, which will look at the teams that have had the worst performances and poor prospects.

So without further ado, here's a look at our NFL Power Rankings, featuring the best eight teams following Week 10. And the Sour Rankings, featuring the worst eight squads the league has to offer.

Power Rankings

1. Kansas City Chiefs -- Kansas City jumps over the Eagles with a win over the Jaguars. If they can figure out how to use Kadarius Toney even more effectively, watch out.

2. Philadelphia Eagles -- I nearly left them on top of the rankings even after they fell to the Commanders. That loss had so many irregularities, though, that they could still be the best team in the league.

3. Minnesota Vikings -- Minnesota makes it seven wins in a row as they defeated the Bills in a game for the ages. Show me on the field and you'll get rewarded.

4. Buffalo Bills -- Josh Allen played through his elbow issue, but his fumble in his own end zone was costly. The second loss in a row moves Buffalo down another spot.

5. Miami Dolphins -- They are hot, winning their fourth straight with Tua Tagovailoa back in the lineup and playing at a high level. They obliterated the Browns by three TDs to move up two spots.

6. Baltimore Ravens -- The Ravens stay at No. 6 with a bye week and get set to face the Panthers on Sunday.

7. Dallas Cowboys -- The Cowboys had a week off to prepare for Mike McCarthy's reunion with the Packers, but it didn't go as planned as they blew a two-touchdown lead heading into the fourth quarter. They fall two spots.

8. N.Y. Giants -- New York returns to the Power Rankings after a win over the Texans and a Seattle loss. I just the Giants just a tiny bit more than the Jets for this spot.



Sour Rankings

25. Carolina Panthers -- Carolina's win over the Falcons moves them up one spot as they find enough offense.

26. Pittsburgh Steelers -- Pittsburgh used the bye week to produce a 10-point win over the Saints. The Steelers move up three spots.

27. Jacksonville Jaguars -- The Jags fall one spot after losing to the Chiefs. It's a harsh penalty losing to our top team, but the Steelers and Panthers both got wins.

28. Detroit Lions -- Break up the Lions. They got a second straight win, this time over Chicago, to move up two spots.

29. Chicago Bears -- Justin Fields continues to ball out, but the Lions bested the Bears on Sunday, dropping Chicago one spot.

30. Denver Broncos -- The Broncos dropped a few spots after having a two weeks to prepare for the Titans and only coming up with 10 points in the loss.

31. Las Vegas Raiders -- The Raiders held another lead late, but they couldn't close once again as the Colts fought back to take the win away.

32. Houston Texans -- The Texans had somewhat of a moral victory in Week 10, but they need to start getting actual ones if they want to move out of the cellar. They fell to the Giants on Sunday.


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