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NFL Power Rankings ... and Sour Rankings Through Week 16

You've seen NFL power rankings before, but here at gatosclub we're also interested in the bottom of the barrel. As far as power rankings go, we're looking at what teams have done on the field, with a bit of an eye toward the future. We're also going to include our Sour Rankings, though, which will look at the teams that have had the worst performances and poor prospects.

So without further ado, here's a look at our NFL Power Rankings, featuring the best eight teams following Week 16. And the Sour Rankings, featuring the worst eight squads the league has to offer.

Power Rankings

1. Philadelphia Eagles -- The Eagles had to take on the Cowboys without Jalen Hurts, and they still nearly came away victorious. That's why they keep the top spot with Hurts looking to return by the playoffs, perhaps earlier.

2. Kansas City Chiefs -- The Chiefs moved to 12-3, tied for the second best record in the league, with a two-touchdown win over the Seahawks. Mahomes didn't play out of his mind, but with Hurts out, he can make hay in the MVP race.

3. Buffalo Bills -- They trounced the Bears by three touchdowns even though Josh Allen struggled through the air. He did have 41 rushing yards and touchdown while Devin Singletary notched 106 yards and a score. James Cook added 99 rushing yards and a TD.

4. San Francisco 49ers -- The 49ers logged their eighth straight win, beating the Commanders by three scores. Brock Purdy did well again, throwing two touchdown passes while George Kittle caught six passes for 120 yards and two scores.

5. Cincinnati Bengals -- Cincy survived a close call against the Patriots to record its seventh straight win. They drop one spot because the Niners won more handily for their eighth straight.

6. Dallas Cowboys -- The Cowboys sit tight at No. 6 with a close win over an Eagles team lacking Jalen Hurts. They do get points for dropping 40 on a supposedly great Philly defense.

7. Minnesota Vikings -- They're good, but they're also really lucky. There's nothing wrong with being lucky and good. Greg Joseph hit a 61-yarder to beat the Giants and Justin Jefferson should be a legit MVP candidate.

8. Los Angeles Chargers -- I like a Chargers team that could reasonably finish 11-6 after beating the Colts in Week 16. The Ravens are 10-5, but they haven't looked good and are missing Lamar Jackson.



Sour Rankings

25. Las Vegas Raiders -- The Raiders fell to the Steelers and just benched their starting QB who was the big problem? Not buying that. The Saints hop out of our Sour Rankings as a result.

26. Atlanta Falcons -- The Falcons fell to the Ravens, which isn't shameful, but it keeps you in the Sour Rankings.

27. Los Angeles Rams -- The Rams picked up another win, a huge blowout of the drain-circling Broncos, who just fired their head coach. They move up a spot.

28. Indianapolis Colts -- Indy falls a spot after losing to the Chargers and the Rams proved they can score.

29. Arizona Cardinals -- They fell for the fifth straight game, this time to Tom Brady and the Buccaneers after holding a 10-point lead in the second half. They move up a spot for the moral victory and the Broncos' implosion.

30. Denver Broncos -- The win over the Cardinals did not prepare anyone for the 51-14 beatdown the Broncos suffered to a team that didn't have its current quarterback a few weeks ago.

31. Chicago Bears -- The Bears didn't really stand a chance against the Bills as they fell to 3-12.

32. Houston Texans -- The Texans finally picked up their second win of the season after making it hard on a lot of teams while still losing. The Titans are in a tailspin, though, which is why the Texans stay at the bottom.


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