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NFL Power Rankings ... and Sour Rankings Through Week 2

You've seen NFL power rankings before, but here at gatosclub we're also interested in the bottom of the barrel. As far as power rankings go, we're looking at what teams have done on the field, with a bit of an eye toward the future. We're also going to include our Sour Rankings, though, which will look at the teams that have had the worst performances and poor prospects.

So without further ado, here's a look at our NFL Power Rankings, featuring the best eight teams following Week 2. And the Sour Rankings, featuring the worst eight squads the league has to offer.

Power Rankings

1. Buffalo Bills -- They scored another big win in Week 2, this time against last season's No. 1 AFC seed, the Titans. The Bills are in the top three in both yards gained per game and yards allowed per game.

2. Kansas City Chiefs -- The Chiefs held off a good Chargers team in Week 2, but the lack of a top-tier wide receiver might end up being an issue before too long. Travis Kelce led the team with 51 receiving yards as Patrick Mahomes threw for 235 yards.

3. Philadelphia Eagles -- If they post another quality win in Week 3, I could see them jumping the Chiefs for the third spot on this list. Jalen Hurts is playing with confidence and the defense is better than average.

4. Miami Dolphins -- Boy, what a performance they put on in a thrilling comeback against the Ravens. Tua Tagovailoa is starting to shut up a lot of people with the help of speedsters Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers -- Tom Brady isn't setting the world on fire, but the Bucs have handled their business early on so far. We'll see how they get on without Mike Evans, if his one-game suspension holds.

6. Baltimore Ravens -- For a lot of the game Sunday, they looked great. Lamar Jackson is playing at his rushing peak, but they'll need to shore up their defense if they want to move up this list.

7. Los Angeles Rams -- Allen Robinson got involved while Cooper Kupp still dominated and the defense played well enough to hold off a surprisingly comeback-minded Falcons.

8. Los Angeles Chargers -- They hung around against the Chiefs in Week 2, which is no small task. Looking at their schedule, they could run off six straight wins before a tougher matchup against the 49ers in Week 10.



25. Tennessee Titans -- Things have not started well for last season's AFC top seed. The Bills dominated the Titans a week after falling to the Giants.

26. Seattle Seahawks -- Our Power/Sour rankings take quarterback play into account and the Seahawks can only play so well with Geno Smith calling signals.

27. Chicago Bears -- While I think Justin Fields can end up being a good NFL QB, the Bears have got to give him a chance to be one. Throwing more than 11 passes in a game might be a good start.

28. Atlanta Falcons -- Last week they gave up a 16-point fourth quarter lead, in Week 2 they fell short of a 28-3 comeback of their own.

29. Houston Texans -- In Sour Rankings, going for a tie is worse than losing while going for a win. They straight up lost in Week 2 in a very winnable game against the Broncos.

30. Las Vegas Raiders -- Letting the Cardinals steal that game from them really hurt. They get to face the Titans in a Sour Rankings face off.

31. Indianapolis Colts -- They tied the Texans in Week 1, which was bad enough, but then they got shut out by the Jaguars in Week 2. They're flirting with the bottom spot.

32. Carolina Panthers -- If they have a good showing against the Saints they may crawl out of the bottom spot.

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