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NFL Power Rankings ... and Sour Rankings Through Week 13

You've seen NFL power rankings before, but here at gatosclub we're also interested in the bottom of the barrel. As far as power rankings go, we're looking at what teams have done on the field, with a bit of an eye toward the future. We're also going to include our Sour Rankings, though, which will look at the teams that have had the worst performances and poor prospects.

So without further ado, here's a look at our NFL Power Rankings, featuring the best eight teams following Week 13. And the Sour Rankings, featuring the worst eight squads the league has to offer.

Power Rankings

1. Philadelphia Eagles -- The win over the Titans was an impressive display and vaults the Eagles to the top spot with the Chiefs losing to the Bengals. If Jalen Hurts starts producing through the air like he did in Week 13, watch out.

2. Kansas City Chiefs -- The Chiefs continue to struggle against Joe Burrow and the Bengals. Cincy seems to have their number, but we'll see if the teams meet again in the playoffs. The Bills still could affect that series in one way or another.

3. Buffalo Bills -- Any time you beat a Bill Belichick-led team by two touchdowns, you're doing something right. The Bills are plus-121 in point differential, only second to the Cowboys who are plus-127 after a 50 burger against the Colts.

4. Dallas Cowboys -- The Cowboys move up a spot after utilizing a 33-0 fourth quarter to demoralize a struggling Colts team that had hung with the Cowboys for three quarters. Dallas faces the Texans and Jaguars before a showdown with the Eagles.

5. Cincinnati Bengals -- The Bengals made it four wins in a row with a third straight victory over the Chiefs. They shot back into the Power Rankings last week and move up another two spots this week.

6. Miami Dolphins -- The Dolphins looked like some expected they would at the beginning of the season, with Tua Tagovailoa playing unevenly. The game started with a bang for them, but things got out of hand even with the 49ers losing Jimmy Garoppolo to a broken foot.

7. Minnesota Vikings -- Despite hanging on to a win over the Jets, they drop a spot due to the Bengals surging ahead. Minnesota has some holes that are becoming apparent, but they still could prove me wrong as they should be favored in their remaining games.

8. San Francisco 49ers -- The way it seemed like they were never in danger of losing even after an early long TD by the Dolphins was impressive. Even without their starting QB, the Niners got it done somewhat easily and they take over this spot from the Ravens who lost Lamar Jackson and barely topped the Broncos.



Sour Rankings

25. Jacksonville Jaguars -- Getting blown out by the Lions has the Jags back in the Sour Rankings.

26. New Orleans Saints -- They dropped to 4-9 after their second straight loss, but it was the way they lost to the Buccaneers that was most telling.

27. Carolina Panthers -- Carolina was off this week and that means they get to jump ahead of the Colts.

28. Indianapolis Colts -- They held their own against the Cowboys through three quarters before the wheels fell off. They fall two spots in our Sour Rankings.

29. Los Angeles Rams -- The defending champions have also lost six games in a row and just claimed Baker Mayfield off waivers. Not great.

30. Chicago Bears -- The Bears fell to the Packers and their six-game losing streak is only second longest to the Texans.

31. Denver Broncos -- The Broncos had a great opportunity to knock off a short-handed Ravens team but just couldn't find the offense.

32. Houston Texans -- The 1-10-1 Texans fell for the seventh straight time as they faced their former quarterback. They have to face the surging Cowboys next.

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